Sidestone books are promoted in a variety of ways and can be purchased in bookshops around the world, both as printed books and as e-books. A wide variety of tools are employed to help promote our books, including the distribution of catalogues, sending out of review copies to professional journals and promotions via social media.

Distribution of printed books

Our printed books can be purchased in bookstores around the world. For the Netherlands and adjacent countries, customers can order directly through our online bookshop. Alternatively, our books can be ordered in any regular bookstore. Apart from our own bookshop, our books are distributed by the Centraal Boekhuis (for The Netherlands and Belgium).

Internationally our books are distributed to all main bookstores by our partner Oxbow books. We keep stock in the UK and US to ship to customers, booksellers and libraries around the world, including the largest internet booksellers such as Amazon and Bol.

Distribution of e-books

Our e-books can be read for free on our website, as well as downloaded in PDF form for a small fee (or free in some cases; see also our Open Access policy.

Apart from the consumer market, Sidestone e-books are also available on several platforms that directly supply University Libraries around the world, such as Ebrary and EBSCO. Through these platforms, libraries can directly access our e-books and make them available to their users.

In total, our e-books are available in over 95 different bookstores/platforms around the world. In addition, we also allow free access to, and soon free download of, all our books in our online bookstore


Sidestone employs a variety of ways of promoting our books. Prior to the publication, we can also supply clients with information leaflets (PDF and/or printed) that they can distribute to colleagues and other interested parties. Apart from general information about the forthcoming book the leaflet also contains an order form allowing people to pre-order the book for a reduced introduction price.

Sidestone books are included in our printed catalogues that are sent to thousands of libraries/institutes and individual scholars around the world, as well as featured in the catalogues of our distribution partner Oxbow Books. For each title, we send out review copies to a selection of journals and relevant media. When appropriate we also send out press releases to relevant media. Our books are of course also promoted through Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We always discuss our marketing and promotion activities with our authors to make sure that everything we do is in accordance with their wishes. Additionally, we explore on a book-to-book basis what other promotional activities can be employed, such as contacting specific journals, newsletters, media or assist in organising a formal book presentation. Please do get in touch with us to discuss any marketing wishes!

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